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Alex & Blake bring a sense of family and warmth to their projects. We have had the blessing to work with them on a number of occasions to promote a large festival, food tours and food related events, all of which showed their attention to detail, expertise in the culinary field, quick, fun and concise creative content, full knowledge and high level of interaction with their social media base.

— Colin Caplan, owner of Taste of New Haven

The women who run CT FoodGirly are awesome to work with. They are an absolute pleasure to serve and they take fantastic photos of the food. Their features, whether its stories or posts, always bring attention to our account and we’ve acquired new following and customers through their visits. We will continue to work with them in the future!

— Maria Corina, General Manager of the Big Green Pizza Truck


CT FoodGirly is one of our favorite companies to collaborate with at Haruki. We originally reached out to them after only being full time for less than a month, and they were still very excited and receptive to work with us. They were the first company we chose to work with, so we were ready to learn about how people in their line of work conduct business. From their punctual replies and overall enthusiasm about being able to try out the new and unfamiliar cuisine that we offer, it was clear to see that they genuinely are very committed to what they do. When Alex first came in, we had a great conversation about what really makes authentic Japanese cuisine special, and it was a lot of fun to share our food stories with each other. Just from the questions she asked about the ingredients of each dish that came out, or about the stories behind each of our cocktails, it was evident that there is a lot of passion behind this business. In addition to this, we were so impressed by the quality of the pictures they took of each item! From the colors of the fresh veggies in our ramen to the condensation on our cocktail glasses, everything was captured so artfully (they even used our water jugs as background props!) Overall, we are beyond satisfied with the work that they do, and the fact that they are both genuinely nice people makes it way more exciting to plan more collaborations in the future!

— Quinten Yonkers, General Manager of Haruki Restaurant

Working with Alex and Blake during our annual Sun Wine & Food Festival was such a pleasure. Not only were they so easy to work with, but also very professional. Blake and Alex went above and beyond our expectations for capturing all the delights of our festival. We highly recommend CT FoodGirly to anyone who is looking for great exposure with beautifully crafted content.

—  Heather Walther, Social Media Specialist, Mohegan Sun Gaming & Entertainment


Working with Alex and Blake was fantastic! Being a new small restaurant we needed all the attention and promotion we could get but obviously had to worry about fitting it into our budget. The ladies were quick to respond to our requests. They were efficient, patient and professional to work with. We were able to generate great buzz and relationships without them being intrusive. We saw a significant increase in our fan base after their visits and generated great content. Highly recommend!

— Hartin Ballabani, Owner of Tacomida Shelton


Working with Alex and Blake at CT FoodGirly, LLC has been nothing short of an absolute pleasure.  Their attention to detail, holistic vision, creative collaboration expertise and overall professionalism makes them ideal to work with on any project.  They were instrumental in helping us capture the experience created at our hemp infused dinners hosted by Home restaurant here in Branford.  Their incredible eye and expertise helped us showcase the educational component, creative mastery of blending cannabis and food, and overall indescribable feeling the event held for all participants. If you’re truly looking for a company and team to bring utmost excellence to your vision and project, look no further.  Thanks again ladies, keep bringing your passion and truth and making this a better world.

— Duncan Markovich, Owner of Better Ways LLC

Alex would come into Caffe Bravo for dinner or get takeout and always post pictures of the food she ordered.  One night she was in for dinner and I got an alert on Instagram which led me to finally figure out who she was!  It was so nice to put a face along with CT FoodGirly.  We then set up a collab which Alex made so simple.  She took pictures which were very professional and she really took her time.   It is quite obvious that Alex has a love for food and a heart for helping small, local restaurants thrive.  As a restaurant manager, that means more than ever in times like these.  Can’t wait to work with Alex again!

— Stacey Porrello, Manager of Caffe Bravo


We have had the absolute privilege to work with CTFoodGirly on a few occasions. These two sisters are absolute professionals and some of the sweetest people we have ever hosted. They are genuine in their approach to help small businesses and we immediately saw growth in our Instagram account along with real customers visiting after working with them. Besides helping us grow our own business, I use their account to constantly discover new places to visit and dine at. If they post it on their page, then I know it’s a solid recommendation. We appreciate the hard work they do for businesses in CT (and the surrounding areas) and we consider ourselves lucky to have worked with them. Thank you!

— Xhoni (Johnny) Qyteza, Owner of Johnny's Breakfast


Alex and Blake were an absolute pleasure to work with. Their work is extremely creative and the team and I were blown away by their professionalism. As a New Haven local, I can attest to the fact that they always feature the best restaurants in the county and even the New England area. They truly captured all of the best events at our annual Sun Wine and Food Festival and provided meaningful content. I highly recommend these two remarkable young women, CT FoodGirly, for all Social Media teams who need lovely content and reliable coverage of any food event in Connecticut.

— Anna Wagner, Social Media Content Manager, Mohegan Gaming and Entertainment

CT FoodGirly is my go-to for all things food! Whether it’s pictures, events or local happenings, there are constant updates on their social media pages giving us readers loads of information. As a business owner, I’ve partnered and collaborated with them on numerous occasions which has brought us great exposure.

— Donna Palmer, Owner of Sweet Creations, LLC


We have had the pleasure to work with Alex and Blake on numerous promotions, events and giveaways. Their images and dedication to our projects resulted in an immediate increase in our bookings, social media presence and followers.

 Dan Tontini, Operations Manager of The Elm City Party Bike

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