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In The Kitchen at Home in Branford, CT

Fall Menu Additions 2020-2021


As summer came to a close, I was invited back to Home to showcase Chef Jared's new fall additions. Every season, Jared changes his menu. He keeps the classics and the fan-favorites, but always adds new items that represent his creative side. Jared is the only chef I know who can take a dish as simple as Buffalo Wings and turn them into "Smoky Maple Mustard Wings with Homemade Kimchi and a shaved Brussel Sprouts Salad".

As soon as I got settled in, Jared brought me Home's new Grilled Italian Burrito (pictured left). It's made with pulled pork, jasmine rice, roasted peppers and onions, Liuzzi's fresh mozzarella and a Tuscan white bean spread topped with a smoked tomato drizzle. Next, was the Loaded Mashed Potato Mac. This mac is piled high with bacon and broccoli, topped with whipped potatoes, shredded cheese, sour cream and green onion (pictured below).

If you love the warm comforting feeling that buttery mashed potatoes bring you, or the salty taste of bacon layers with soft elbow pasta, then this mac is for you! I told Jared he could stop right there because these were my two new favorite meals at Home. He laughed and brought me the Slow Roasted BBQ Pulled Pork and Asparagus Mac and the Slow Roasted Pork and Black Bean Soup (both pictured below). The mac was filled with tender pulled pork and fresh asparagus topped with smoked gouda and a BBQ gravy drizzle. This is a cheese lovers dream! The Pork and Black Bean soup was the perfect texture; emphasizing both the pork and the beans. This is a great bowl for a cold night in, wrapped in your favorite Christmas blanket!

Next, Jared brought me his new Winter Vegetable Gumbo (pictured below). Filled with stewed beans, peppers, onions, broccoli, butternut squash and crushed tomatoes served on lemongrass scented jasmine rice. It was nice to have an all-vegan meal being served at Home! After that, I tried the Beef & Broccoli Bucatini (pictured below), served with Lily's fresh Bucatini pasta with shaved steak, broccoli stew mushrooms and carrots cooked in a soy based broth. This was such a tasty pasta dish; I can still taste all the flavors. After I slurped down the Bucatini, I made my way to the Meatloaf stack (pictured below). With this dish, Jared layered his homemade meatloaf, smoked Gouda, infused mashed potatoes, and garlic wilted spinach and then topped the dish with BBQ gravy, bacon bits, and crispy fried onions. This was my first time ever trying meatloaf and I truly loved it. The BBQ gravy, fried onions and mashed potatoes worked perfectly together.

By this point, my belly was happy and full, but Jared still had two more dishes for me to try and they were getting better by the minute, so I was up for the challenge. He created Cheesy Chicken Bacon Wontons that are served with a creamy buttermilk ranch (pictured below). He also took a twist to the classic Caesar dressing and put together a Grilled Chicken Cranberry-Caesar that is served over arugula with chili spiced hazelnuts, maple roasted apples, shredded parm and homemade focaccia bread sticks with a cranberry Caesar dressing on top (pictured below). I loved the crunch of the wontons and the warm cheesy center. The cranberry Caesar dressing was made perfectly, it wasn't too sour or sweet with the arugula and the homemade focaccia was buttery and light.

These new 2020 Fall Additions are some of my favorites that I've had the pleasure to try with Jared thus far. They're comforting, warm, filling, and there's something for everyone in the family to enjoy. Jared uses fresh ingredients and incorporates local business into his meals as often as he can to show his support for his community. If you're ever in the surrounding area, Home in Branford is currently offering pick-up, delivery and dine-in for its customers.

Thank you Jared and my friends at Home for another fabulous meal!



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